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executive producer

J Prez

Co-Host - The After-set Radio Show
Co-Host - The Down in the Dirty Mixshow
Designer - Money Counta Clothing Brand
Manager -Big A Prado
Brand Manager - The Iron Fist Cookup

Professional Photography

Headshot Profile

No matter your calling, a professional headshot will help you show the world that you mean BUSINESS.

"Music and the music business are two different things."

What do we do?

We help artists develop short form content strategies with TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. We also offer long term strategies and development to help achieve your career goals.

SERVICES offered

Content Development - $2000
Full Scale Digital Marketing - $1000
Ad Campaign for Single/Album Release - Starting @ $500
Ad Campaign for Upcoming Music Events - Starting @ $300
Content Consultation - $300
Campaign Merchandise - $300

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Connect With J.Prez

The After-set Radio Show

The only show on Atlanta radio that's not afraid of a "4 letter word" Get your weekly dose of Bass, Funk and Soul.
Hosted along side DJ Power Lord, Big AL and our heavenly brother DJ Reggie Regg aka Space Cowboy (R.I.P).

The Down in the Dirty Mixshow

Get your serving of Southern-fried Hip-Hop Classics with a side of new music. Hosted with Mr. T-Did-That. Currently on the following platforms. Check sites for showtimes.

Money Counta Merch

Keep your eyes on your PAPER! Knowledge is MONEY...Count It UP!


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